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How Can ssdbc Help Me?

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1. What will your consulting services provide for me?

Our founder is a highly skilled and trained professional Social Security Disability Advocate and a certified paralegal with 30 years of experience managing complex personal injury claims, wherein numerous clients underwent the tedious task of applying for Social Security disability benefits. (Click here to review "About Us") We have designed our services to help the average person find their way through the maze of red tape within the disability claims process.

But our services are much more comprehensive then that! We will very carefully consider each and every disorder or limitation that you have by preparing and presenting a thorough written argument to SSA. Through our detail-oriented case presentation approach, your chances of winning benefits will improve by as much as 75%. In addition, with the help of our services, the time it will take to process your application will be significantly reduced, thereby allowing you to receive an award of benefits in a shorter time period.

2. Can your services help my case?

We will analyze, develop and present your case to SSA to improve your chances of being found disabled. With our thorough understanding of the SSA disability screening process, in combination with our extensive background and training, we will be able to provide you with the best possible outcome of achieving benefits.

3. Can you guarantee I'll win?

We wish that we could. The disability process is very complex, as those will tell you who have tried to process their claims on their own. However, if your case can be won, we will represent you in the most comprehensive, efficient and expeditious manner to help you reach your goal of an award.

4. How will I know what my chances are of winning?

We will provide you with a free no obligation case assessment at the very beginning of the process. This assessment will give you the percentage of chance that you will be successful in obtaining a positive award.

5. How much will I be paid?

The amount of your monthly payments from SSA is determined by how much you have earned over the years and paid into the program. This amount is determined by SSA. Click here to use their official benefit calculator.

6. How long will it take to be awarded benefits?

It is very difficult to know how long it will take SSA to evaluate your case. However, we will make every effort to reach the quickest resolution of your claim by obtaining your key medical records and reports from your doctors, as well as additional important evidence and submitting it in a timely manner to SSA. We will be taking all of the necessary steps to help you receive the best possible timely decision.

7. When should I take on a consultant?

To assure the best possible chance of success in applying for benefits, you should acquire the services of a trained disability consultant as soon as possible. If you have never applied for benefits, we will structure your complete case before making application to SSA. Early utilization of a disability consultant can result in a favorable decision in record time.

8. Why should I retain your services and not other representatives?

There are many reasons. Our priority is to process your Social Security disability claim in the quickest manner possible. We are able to accomplish the efficient handling of your claim because of our broad background, training and experience, along with our extensive familiarity with how the Social Security disability claims examiners evaluate and process claims. Many other representatives may not have been specially trained to adequately process these claims.

Some representatives may require you to pay expensive retainers before they will begin representing you. We do not. We offer a contingent fee arrangement where you do not pay a fee unless we win you an award.

As a claimant who is filing for Social Security benefits, it is very important for you to know that some representatives may allow your Social Security disability claim to sit and stew for long periods of time. The reason for this is because the longer it takes for a decision on your claim, the more back-due benefits will accrue, and the larger the representative's fee will be. We do not allow your claim to sit and stew. We understand how important it is for you to win your award and begin receiving benefits. We pledge to you that we will jump through hoops and do whatever it takes to speed up the process and get your claim approved as quickly as possible.

9. What if I have already been denied?

Our service can begin either before or after you have been denied benefits. If you have applied for disability benefits and have received a denial notice, we can begin representing your interests on any level of the process whether it be at the time of the initial application, at the time of reconsideration or at the ALJ appeal levels.

10. What if I am physically unable to come to your office?

Our services can be provided in person, by way of telephone, email, snail mail or fax. It is our intention to provide you with the utmost support and guidance throughout your claims process. We will always be available to speak with you on a personal level about any concerns that you may have and to act on any pressing matters that need to be addressed.

11. Is there a fee?

Yes. We offer a number of fee approaches to make it very affordable to those seeking our Social Security Disability representation services.

12. Do I have to pay you if we lose?

No! There is no charge for our disability consulting services unless we win your case. At the successful completion of your claim, we will present you with a bill for the fee amount as you agreed to in our fee agreement.

13. Are there any additional fees?

Only the costs of incurring your medical records, postage, faxing, and other administrative costs. We work very hard to keep all of our client's costs down to the bare minimum.



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