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Using a certified disability advocate/ representative will be in your very best interest

At ssdbc we are totally focused on your needs.  When deciding on who you want to represent your interests in a Social Security Disability claim, there are several issues of highest importance to consider.  The level of the skill and expertise, the track record of success, the extent of the professional's case load, and whether or not that professional will be completely accessible and available to you throughout the duration of your claim.

ssdbc founder, Lisa S. Wagman, ADR, CP is a fully Accredited Disability Representative, as certified by the National Association of Disability Representatives, which accreditation was earned only after having met the strictest requirements of the PRA Act of 2010 through the Social Security Administration.

Ms. Wagman is a skilled and experienced Accredited Disability Representative (ADR) as certified by the National Association of Disability Representatives.  She is also a certified paralegal with approximately 40 years of experience. But more than that, she has great dedication and compassion. She understands that coping with a disability is hard enough to endure.  She knows how frustrating it can be simply to file a disability claim, in addition to not feeling well, so she removes this burden from her clients and then works diligently to win her clients' claims in the fastest amount of time possible.  Ms. Wagman's philosophy, as an accredited disability representative/advocate, is that her clients must be provided with the personal attention and understanding that they deserve and that every effort is made to ease their concerns throughout the claims process.

The heavy and diverse case load of many disability lawyers may result in occasional inattention to an individual claim. Oftentimes, the routine in a disability lawyer's office is to assign the claim file to a staff member to handle from the time the claim comes into the office until the time of the hearing.   However, at ssdbc, your claim will be handled directly by an accredited disability representative with only the highest caliber of expertise.  We will handle your claim from the moment we take the claim, up until the time that it has been determined.  We will always know the status of your claim and will always be available to answer your questions whenever you call. 

Rest assured that your claim will be given our undivided attention, whether you have previously filed a claim and have received a denial, or are just about to file. We pledge to you that we will do whatever it takes to process your claim in the quickest manner possible and to bring about an award of your claim.  Don't take our word for it, take the word of our many satisfied clients who have taken the time to convey their heartfelt thanks for the services we have provided to them on their claims. Simply click on the testimonials page on our website to review our clients' feedback.




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