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When your very survival is at issue, we can help.
"I cannot thank you enough for all the help you gave me in winning my benefits. With your very hard efficient work you helped me to achieve what I needed to survive."

Providing disability services takes experience and dedication. We have both.

We're familiar with how the Social Security Disability claims examiners evaluate and process claims, so you can count on ssdbc to work around any bureaucratic bottlenecks quickly and efficiently so that you can receive a fast award of benefits.

We will provide you with a free, no obligation assessment to let you know what your chances are for winning a claim. If you decide to have ssdbc represent you, we will provide you with the following disability services:

  • Assist you in completing forms at every level of the process.
  • Monitor the status of your case at each level of appeal.
  • Contact your medical providers to get key records and reports.
  • Assist your doctors in providing the exact information needed to support your claim.
  • Evaluate medical and vocational aspects to build your case for optimal results.
  • Go to hearings with you and present an argument detailing your impairments to support your inability to work.
  • Communicate with all key government agencies on your behalf.
  • Oversee the accuracy and timeliness of payment of your awarded benefits.
  • Keep you informed on the status of your claim by providing copies of any and all physician and government communications regarding your claim.
  • If you are physically unable to come to our office, we can provide our disability services to you by way of phone, fax, email or snail mail.

Even though our 97% win rate is impressive there are no guarantees that your claim will be awarded by the Social Security Administration, but we can guarantee that you pay no fee for our disability services unless we win your case.

Providing disability services takes experience and dedication.



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